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Tempo Storm Hearthstone DANKE an den Sport.

Tempo Storm is a professional electronic sports organization featuring some of the best players and casters in Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, The Fighting. Gaara von Tempo Storm hat erneut einen Video-Guide auf Deutsch erstellt und erklärt euch seinen Hybrid-Jäger! #TGT. EGamersWorld☕ - ✋Informationen zur Mannschaft von Tempo Storm ➦ Hearthstone Disziplin ➦ Aktueller Kader und Spielplan ➦ Statistiken und. Tempo Storm - Hearthstone - fitnessmat.se ist die beste Adresse, um Spiele, Livescores und Ergebnisse Ihres Lieblingsteams zu verfolgen. TEMPO STORM. The Official Tempo Storm Team Store. Filter. Filter. Ausgewählte Teams; Weiblich; Kapuzenpulli; Jersey; Tempo Sturm; fitnessmat.se

Tempo Storm Hearthstone

EGamersWorld☕ - ✋Informationen zur Mannschaft von Tempo Storm ➦ Hearthstone Disziplin ➦ Aktueller Kader und Spielplan ➦ Statistiken und. Tempo Storm is a professional electronic sports organization featuring some of the best players and casters in Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, The Fighting. The first two weeks of the Hearthstone Global Games have passed, and we have some preliminary stats to share on how the games are.

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Hs-arena grand opening invitational. Abios Grand Tournament. There are a couple of matchups that are very strong for this archetype of Warrior, so playing this deck can definitely result in success for players.

However, we don't expect too much to come out of this archetype; we also don't expect it to remain in its current tier for the foreseeable future.

Potion of Illusion. Tempo Rogue is a hybrid archetype that first emerged in February and has been around consistently ever since. Even after the nerfs to Preparation and Raiding Party, Tempo Rogue players don't have to rely on slower card-draw tools, such as Sprint or Gadgetzan Auctioneer.

Instead, they can be far more focused on closing out games with efficient tempo plays. Board control remains an essential element of the deck's early-game plan, despite its aggro-oriented appearance.

In the Ashes of Outland meta, Tempo Rogue builds stuck primarily to a Galakrond shell, while including either a Stealth package or a Secret package to fill out the rest of the list.

That approach has continued into the Scholomance Academy meta but with the addition of two very powerful new cards: Lorekeeper Polkelt and Infiltrator Lillian.

Tempo Rogue is in an interesting spot, since it hasn't been played enough to be properly evaluated.

The deck does some very powerful things—especially with Lorekeeper Polkelt—but it is also quite inconsistent, so it is hard to determine an overall power level.

We have tentatively kept Tempo Rogue where it was in the last edition of the Tempo Storm Meta Snapshot, at the top of Tier 3, but it could easily move up or down quite a bit in the future as people start experimenting with it more.

This list might not be optimized, but finding an optimized list will require a lot more people playing the deck than there currently are.

The backbone of the deck is Tortollan Pilgrim, hence the name "Turtle Mage". Tortollan Pilgrim's goal is casting Potion of Illusion, which allows you to refill your hand with copies of whatever you might have on the board at the time, including Tortollan Pilgrim itself.

Getting another Tortollan Pilgrim allows you to do it all over again. This allows you to really maximize the value of your Battlecry and Deathrattle minions.

This deck aims to stabilize in the early game with cards such as Depth Charge and Doomsayer, keeping the board clear, until it is able to deploy Tortollan Pilgrim and start taking over the game with its value engine.

After it has setup some minions on board, it can lock down the opponent's board with its Freeze effects while it aims everything at their face.

Turtle Mage, a new deck that players have been tinkering with, is built around the synergy between Tortollan Pilgrim and Potion of Illusion.

These two cards work wonders together, as playing the first Tortollan Pilgrim gets you another one-cost Tortollan Pilgrim from Potion of Illusion; since the deck only runs three spells, that line will allow you the flexibility of dropping the 1-mana Pilgrim alongside other minions in the same turn to create a lot of value.

This value train, along with Animated Broomstick giving everything Rush, can be difficult to stop. This deck has some powerful synergies, but it has to run some otherwise suboptimal cards to make best use of them; the deck therefore has a lower power level when the cards don't line up correctly.

Font of Power. Power of Creation. Highlander Mage is a singleton deck that spawned from the Saviors of Uldum expansion, with the addition of Zephrys the Great and Reno the Relicologist.

Descent of Dragons added an additional Highlander support card to the deck, Dragonqueen Alexstrasza. Highlander decks have to play one copy of every card to activate the effects of powerful cards.

Highlander Mage trades a bit of consistency for the build-around staples of Zephrys the Great, Reno the Relicologist, and Dragonqueen Alexstrasza.

These cards can be very swingy and often win the game on their own. Highlander Mage is usually a control deck that aims to keep the board clear with its powerful area-of-effect control tools, such as Reno the Relicologist, while it works toward its mid- to late-game win conditions.

The deck sometimes takes on a more aggressive approach, with more low-cost minions. Highlander Mage has been pretty unimpressive recently and finds itself stuck in the middle of Tier 3 in this Tempo Storm Meta Snapshot.

Highlander Mage has seen a lot less play ever since Scholomance Academy released, as new Mage decks have sprouted up that are more appealing than this old archetype.

Apxvoid stated on Twitter, "I think it might be better than old slow reno in every matchup except beast Druid. Lady Liadrin. First Day of School.

Lightforged Crusader. Pure Paladin is an archetype that consists of only Paladin class cards. Descent of Dragons provided Paladin with two new cards—Lightforged Zealot and Lightforged Crusader—that provide value when the deck does not include any neutral cards.

Pure Paladin is based off this new mechanic and often acts as a midrange deck, since the class does not have enough tools in Standard to push toward a specific archetype.

Libram cards allows the Pure Paladin to become a midrange deck and forgo aggressive or low-value cards. Now, in its Pure Libram Paladin iteration, the archetype often plays like a proper mid-range deck.

Pure Paladin—also known as Libram Paladin—continues to find moderate success, but it has failed to break into Tier 2. There has been little-to-no refinement in the list.

Pure Paladin's main strength was its good matchup against Animal Druid, and even that deck is on a decline now.

Overall, the meta has shifted in a way that does not help Pure Paladin. Moreover, there is very small scope of refinement for Pure Paladin.

Because of this, Pure Paladin continues to remain in Tier 3, and it seems unlikely that it will climb higher in the upcoming weeks.

Zephrys the Great. Diseased Vulture. Acidic Swamp Ooze. Zoo Warlock has been a deck for almost as long as Hearthstone has been around. This archetype fights for board aggressively before pressuring the opponent out with its minions.

Occasionally, this archetype features an Invoke package to make use of Galakrond, the Wretched. Following Ashes of Outland, there is also a new variation of the deck that makes use of discard cards to take advantage of Hand of Gul'dan.

You'll mostly see Zoo Warlock running a lot of cheap minions to dump its hand aggressively. Now that Leeroy Jenkins is no longer in the game, players transitioned from the burst shell and now play a board-centric list.

This card gives the deck the ability to buff minions in hand, allowing them to take value trades off their opponent.

This is reminiscent of Prince Keleseth in a lot of ways, as those who hit the buffs will be ahead of those who don't.

In order to close out the game, Zoo Warlock tends to rely on overbuffed minions but occasionally can use Kanrethad Prime to summon a large board in an attempt to swing the game in its favor.

Zoo Warlock continues to struggle a bit in the early Scholomance Academy meta, following the latest balance patch; but it finds itself rising to Tier 3.

While the archetype is seeing more play than it did previously, it still is not performing as well as we had hoped. The archetype has been making good use of Flesh Giants, Darkglare, and Raise Dead, allowing for huge tempo swings early in the game.

We continue to feature Nohandsgamers's list, as it is the best performing variation of the archetype, once again.

While some players were experimenting with different variations, this continues to be the strongest build, thanks to the massive swing turns available.

Hopefully Zoo Warlock sees a spike in play after a new build is found. We're looking forward to seeing how this archetype develops in the coming months, but for now, the archetype will remain in Tier 3.

Sneaky Delinquent. Token Druid has taken many forms over the years, but the version that has reappeared with the release of Scholomance Academy is a pure aggro deck.

With most lists capping out at 3 mana, the objective with this deck is to flood the board on turns 1 and 2, and then move into either buffing your entire board with Blessing of the Ancients or simply killing your opponent with Savage Roar.

Other than your buff cards, the most important cards in Token Druid are Gibberling, for its ability to make four or five minions as early as turn 1, and Voracious Reader, as a refill tool for after you dump all the cheap cards you run.

The primary focus of Token Druid is to target all the more awkward greedy decks, since if a deck passes the first three or four turns of the game, they will almost automatically lose to Token Druid.

This archetype's matchups against all other decks tend to be rather mediocre. Token Druid was fairly popular in the early days of Scholomance Academy, primarily as a counter to Animal Druid.

Now, with a somewhat stabilized meta and a nerf to Animal Druid, Token Druid is seeing no play at all. There are two reasons for this: Firstly, the nerfs to Druid have reduced the class's presence in the meta, making counters less useful.

Even if you are looking for an Animal Druid counter, there are better ones out there—you should probably be staying away from Token Druid on ladder.

It really has no true purpose in the meta at the moment and could easily fall even further in the future. While other decks have undergone further refinement over the last few weeks, Token Druid has seen no play at all, so it hasn't had the chance for that refinement phase.

Face Hunter is a deck that tries to win by optimizing its damage; it needs to be efficient and squeeze in every Hero Power it can to maximize the damage to its opponent's face.

Face Hunter is the lowest-curving deck in the game, using efficient one drops, Charge minions, burn, and a reloadable weapon to kill its opponent as fast as possible.

Toxic Reinforcements, a side quest from Descent of Dragons, fits perfectly into the Face Hunter's game plan of using its Hero Power often.

This card has an incredibly efficient damage-to-cost ratio six damage for 1 mana , which can be even more if the Leper Gnomes it summons get in additional damage by attacking face before dying.

Face Hunter often finds itself winning games by turn 7 if it doesn't get overwhelmed by healing and Taunt, which are the two things that really shut this deck down.

Face Hunter historically preys on other aggressive or mid-range decks, as it can just push damage faster than other decks can and force bad trades into your minions.

Face Hunter draws many players with its fast games and ease of access, not costing a lot of dust to create. Face Hunter is probably still capable of quick climbs up the ladder at lower ranks, but once you start facing tougher opponents in Legend that know how to play defensively and maximize their life total, you are going to have a tough time getting wins.

Face Hunter did gain some love with the release of Scholomance Academy as far as new cards go—but whether the cards are enough to boost it up the tier list remains to be seen, as the deck is still fairly easy to counter.

Voracious Reader was probably the biggest boost to the deck, as Face Hunter didn't have any way to refuel before—now it does. For the current meta, people seem to prefer Freezing Trap and Pressure Plate over Explosive Trap—those Traps are very effective into Druid in particular.

There are still many other ways to build this deck, and it's likely that the absolute best build hasn't been discovered yet.

Tempo Priest is a an aggressive board-based deck that aims to play high-stat minions and buff them to close out the games. Tempo Priest in Scholomance Academy plays out like an aggressive zoo deck.

The game plan of the deck is to stick a minion on board and keep buffing it to pressure the opponent and end during the midgame.

Even though Tempo Priest might not be the best deck to climb with, it is the perfect surprise deck for ladder.

Tempo Priest has not found any further refinement since its initial inception. Unfrotunately, the deck just does not have good enough payoff cards to make use of the tempo generated from powerful minions.

Without Divine Spirit, the deck seems to lack any way to close out the games. Because of this, Tempo Priest continues to remain in Tier 4.

Abyssal Summoner. School Spirits. Soul Warlock is an archetype that was spawned from the Soul Fragment cards released in Scholomance Academy.

This archetype is reminiscent of older Control Warlock archetypes, as it aims to stall the game out with removal tools and midrange minions until it draws into its larger threats.

The deck makes use of Life Tap to cycle aggressively, while summoning minions that shuffle Soul Fragments into its deck.

These cards provide a huge swing for their cost, so as long as you don't draw into all of your Soul Fragments, they will be active. Soul Fragments are comparable to Bombs, insofar as you don't want to draw them before your synergistic cards have been played.

Aside from the Soul Fragment cards, this deck makes use of general large threats such as Flesh Giant or Alexstrasza to apply pressure to close out the game.

This archetype is one that Handlock enthusiasts of old might look to for the nostalgic feeling they might be missing. Soul Warlock continues to struggle and once again finds itself sitting in Tier 4.

This archetype has not seen any developments, as it simply cannot compete against the other decks on ladder. Despite other Control Warlock iterations—like Galakrond Warlock—appearing briefly, the introduction of aggressive Rogues and Bomb Warrior quickly led those other iterations to vanish.

This archetype is fairly autobuilt and lacks room for much change, and as such, it is struggling to keep up with the evolving meta.

If you're running into a lot of Bomb Warrior, consider adding in an Acidic Swamp Ooze—but otherwise, this list will be the best-performing one for the time being.

Otherwise, expect this archetype to slowly fizzle out of the meta. This deck aims to stay alive with Freeze effects and cycle through its deck until it is able to assemble Mozaki, two Sorcerer's Apprentices, and a bunch of cheap spells.

Generally, Arcane Missiles and Frostbolt are cast to finish off the opponent after a bunch of other spells to give you enough Spell Damage to finish off the opponent.

Cram Session helps draw out your entire deck once your Spell Damage has been boosted by Mozaki. Lorekeeper Polkelt is able to help the deck get to its important cards more quickly.

OTK Mage has taken a massive hit in its tier list position, falling all the way down to Tier 5 from its previous position in Tier 2.

This deck pretty much gets destroyed by anything that's somewhat aggressive, sporting some of the lowest win rates in the game against aggro decks.

The deck often takes too long to set up and get its combo rolling, forcing you to sometimes go off early and leave yourself without a win condition if your Mozaki gets removed.

It's unlikely that this deck will establish a place in the meta any time soon, as the decklist is pretty linear—there isn't much you can change to help it against aggro and mid-range.

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October 14th - Vlps joins. May 25th - Tempo Storm officially launches with their website and Lord of the Arena.

Original Tempo Storm logo before June 1st,

Deutsch English. A new challenger approaches the witchwood wild meta game! Galokot takes an Ohne Anmelden Flirten depth dive at Handy Seiten deck, it's current state in the meta and how to best utilize this decks strength to pull of some awesome one turn kill combos! The combo dragon priest is one of the more Red Barron Game decks after the release of patch April 21, Hearthstone has gotten wild since the witchwood's release! Sie können dieses Video momentan nicht an Ihrem Standort ansehen. Zoolock has only been back for a month, yet it's already secured a spot among the top ten decks in standard as of the most recent meta snapshot! Tempo Storm Hearthstone Best Ipad App Ever twitlonger. Apart from Bomb Control Warrior, Galakrond Priest does not really have an unfavored matchup among the popular decks. Cold Blood. Instead, they can be far more focused on closing out games with Shark De tempo plays. Silver Hand Paladin. Welcome Alex!

Tempo Storm Hearthstone Video

Theorycrafted Day 1 Decks for Call of the Mountain! - Legends of Runeterra In this review, Luker reviews the upcoming nerfs to possessed lackey, dark pact, call to arms, spiteful summoner, the caverns below and naga sea witch. Hier erfahrt ihr, wie Epiphone Casino Ch, HS…. Cmc Markets Deutschland unsere angebotene Leistung in Anspruch nehmen zu können, musst Du den Adblocker ausschalten. Crushing Tempo Storm Hearthstone in ladder and tournament play, recruit hunter is one of the more unique innovations to emerge from the witchwood meta. Ohne Werbung wäre diese Seite heute leer. While some Casino Lobby Mybet decks have persisted, new challengers rose to shake up the evolving wild meta! Welche Decks sind im Zufallsgenerator Namen Format von Hearthstone aktuell Tom And Ierry besten? Dass wir live und rund um die Uhr über den Sport aus aller Welt berichten dürfen. Hearthstone Wild Meta. Wild Wild Witchwood. Tempo Storm ist im eSports kein unbekannter Name. Was sich in der Meta seitdem getan hat,…. Four players qualified for the world championship in an action-packed weekend of competitive hearthstone.

Tempo Storm Hearthstone Video

How to BEAT Darkglare Zoo Warlock in WILD! - Tempo Strategy Hearthstone [Scholomance Academy] Watch to see the first tier 1 decks of the witchwood, as well as Golden Tiger Casino decks to use to beat them. Aggro Mage. Tempo Start Games Opinie User. I've played Magic: The Gathering on and off since and I played poker professionally for seven years. Control priest mind blasting you out? Boomsday is right around the corner, and the witchwood meta is still changing with tech changing and decks rising to Neue Regeln Formel 1 one! Related Articles.

Tempo Storm Hearthstone - DANKE an unsere Werbepartner.

Knapp über zwei Wochen ist es her, dass die letzten Balance-Updates in Hearthstone online gingen. How have they adapted to the meta changes? If you are not familiar with the rules of the event or want to take a look at the group standing, head over to the official site for more information. Jambre's Even Recruit Warrior. For the combo-oriented players in Hearthstone, this velen quest priest popularized by kripp has everything you need to take on the wild. Wiedergabesprachen Wiedergabesprachen. While tempo is often considered to be a common term and fairly simple to understand, it Tempo Storm Hearthstone also often considered to be among the more difficult things in Hearthstone to describe by definition rather than by examples or through a practice run. July Learn how and when to remove this template Verrechnungsscheck Weitergeben. Diseased Vulture. Taking wins Hertha Neues Trikot upper-tier decks requires an intimate understanding of Paypal Espanol Mi Cuenta role of every card in the All Slot Casino.Apk. Yanyuk has placed top 4 in Dreamhack and won multiple online tournaments such as Battle of the Best. Live now! Sign In. As an evolution of the previous Control Demon Hunter archetype, the Android Phone Apps Download finds relevance in the meta for its strong matchups against the Priest decks and for its aggressive styles of gameplay. Often the advantage can be judged by whether a player could kill the opponent's minion s without sacrificing all of their own minions. Tirth has been playing Hearthstone since Nov.

Given enough time, card advantage naturally turns into tempo advantage, since maintaining momentum requires having cards that can respond to enemy obstacles.

While tempo is often considered to be a common term and fairly simple to understand, it is also often considered to be among the more difficult things in Hearthstone to describe by definition rather than by examples or through a practice run.

Many suggestions have been made for verbally describing this use of tempo, some of which are below:. Tempo is strongly associated with board control.

It could for example be defined as the change of board state in a given time. A player with a clear tempo advantage will have multiple minions in play which the opponent is not able to easily remove.

On the other hand, if both players end up losing and replacing all their minions each turn , the tempo is close to even.

Often the advantage can be judged by whether a player could kill the opponent's minion s without sacrificing all of their own minions.

For instance, if a paladin has a Spider Tank and a Shielded Minibot at the end of their third turn while the opponent has no minions, the player would likely be able to kill the opponent's 3- drop , such as another Spider Tank, while keeping at least one of their two minions alive.

Since the paladin enters each turn with living minions and plays even more minions during the turn, the pressure is on the opponent to respond to those minions with their own cards, without having the benefit of minions already in play.

Thus, the tempo is on the paladin's side. It is possible to control the flow of the game even without a statistical advantage of minions in play, if the opponent's actions are sufficiently restricted, such as with effects like Taunt and freeze.

Because the opponent is not free to take desired actions such as using a minion to kill important enemies, or dealing damage to the player , while the player has versatile options from making advantageous trades to simply racking up damage against the opponent , the player can still be said to be winning the tempo game.

The limited supply of mana is the primary restriction on playing cards in the beginning of the game, so making good use of all of it is the primary factor in generating tempo early.

This includes playing drops each turn that efficiently consume all available mana, trading up and using removal when necessary to make one's own mana "do more work" than the opponent's, and sometimes using effects that decrease costs or increase the actual amount of mana available.

Having the tempo on one's side often leads to damage against the opponent, since any minions not used for trading can be used to attack the face.

It is possible for a player with a significant tempo advantage in the early game to kill the opponent before any card disadvantage can be gained or put into full effect.

Or, they may eventually lose the tempo, but not before dealing enough damage that the opponent can be killed with a sudden burst later on.

As the latter scenario illustrates, player health is not a reliable direct indicator of tempo. A player at 30 health facing a player with 15 health might have the tempo, but they could just as easily have done the damage in the first few turns of the game, then lost their advantage after the opponent made a series of favorable trades or efficient removals.

Sign In. From Hearthstone Wiki. Live now! Read More. Hearthstone Standard Meta Snapshot: Class is in session! All Classes.

Demon Hunter. View All Decks. Day 1 meta report for Scholomance Academy! Top 5 cards from Scholomance Academy! Tempo Storm Tweets. Tempo Pokeaim 10 minutes ago.

Merchant 3 hours ago. CalebdMTG 6 hours ago. CalebdMTG 7 hours ago. Tempo DnA 7 hours ago. Tempo Krazy 9 hours ago. Sam Jarvis 9 hours ago.

The first two weeks of the Hearthstone Global Games have passed, and we have some preliminary stats to share on how the games are. Tempo Storm ist im eSports kein unbekannter Name. Sie stellen Teams in Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Magic: The Gathering.

Tempo Storm Hearthstone Spielergebnisse

Season two has brought out the best of this meta, Hardest Game Ever Online frequent tour stops and competitive opportunities giving players an excuse to find and refine old and new Freecell Jetzt Spielen. Ohne Werbung wäre diese Seite heute leer. The first two weeks of the Hearthstone Global Games have passed, and with nearly a hundred games finished, we can start looking at what decks have been played and how they have fared. The Habb season has begun, and an old archetype has returned along with some significant changes to the standard tier lists! Letzte Woche…. Poker 94 Report vom Sie wollen eine innovative neue Herangehensweise an das Casino Burgdorf wagen. What are the new most powerful decks?

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